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I'm Hommmmeeeeeeee!!

I'm back!! I know I haven't updated my blog in a REALLY long time, so I’m sorry for that, Anyway I had an AMAZING time visiting my family and I already miss you guys a lot. Next family reunion should be in Australia! I want to show you guys so much! Good luck in university to my cousins! I hope you all don’t die of stress and DO NOT PROCASTINATE! I also want to say sorry to my friends for not coming to school. Jet lag got the best of me, but I’ll try my hardest to. I’ve missed you guys! Oh, and sorry Aya for abandoning you.
PS: To my family; Life is so dull without you!

Plane Flights & Cool Rooms

So if you didn’t know this, I’ll be flying overseas tomorrow  I’m super excited!! Been smiling so much my face is starting to hurt! So I’ll be in Asia and apparently it’s SUPER HOT at the moment (so many mosquitoes…) So I’m really excited to see my family again! Argh I won’t be able to sleep tonight >.< ! To all my friends in Australia, I’m really going to miss you guys!!! I promise to bring back you guys pictures and souvenirs! So I also want to apologise for not updating my blog, I’ve been pretty busy and lazy =_=; Aha yeah…
So I was browsing on the internet and I found the coolest thing ever! This awesome bedroom that has a waterslide in the closet!
How cool is that!? I’ve always wanted to have a room as cool as this! I’ve attempted sometimes…Did not turn out well. Anyway that’s all for today and I won’t be updating in a while. I’m really sorry, but I doubt I have many readers (or any reads lol) so it isn’t really so bad.
Take care!

First blog and rambling

Hello internet!
So a few of you might remember my blog from late last year (highly doubt it) called azzyteapot. Yeah, I seriously couldn’t come up with a better name. Anyway being the amazingly smart person I am, I forgot my password and all that stuff…so this is my NEW BLOG :D YAY!! Firstly, I want to apologise in advance for all the grammatical and spelling errors. If you happen to be kinda OCD with english, I wouldn’t recommend following my blog.
That’s all for now (I know, VERY BORING), but I got nothing really to say…Plus I need to learn more about livejournal first…


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